materials & process


Every project begins with the clay selection. For the most part, I use Kentucky Mudworks clay (yes, direct from Kentucky!), specifically Iceman or Brown Bear clay. Iceman is a smooth white clay that is very flexible for wheel throwing to hand-building. Brown Bear is a beautiful milk-chocolate colored clay, which is a joy to throw with on the wheel.

throwing cup on the wheel


In general, I will throw on the wheel to create most of my pieces. However, I will hand build pieces and LOVE to combine many techniques.


Now, comes the color, texture and depth. I tend to use commercial products for stability & durability. Multiple techniques are used in this stage from:

* Slip: soft, almost liquid clay that has been colored with mason stain

* Underglaze (Amaco & Speedball brands)

* Glaze (Amaco & Mayco brands)

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