my process

Translating ideas into a process is one thing, understanding how they all fit together, and come to life, is another. Let me show you the magic of my craft.

  • the sketch

    I start with the end in mind. I either visualize or sketch each piece I create. In this stage I consider size, shape, form, color, and texture. Of course, I may make changes along the way.

  • the clay

    Ooooh, the clay! When the clay comes out of the bag, its cool, smooth, and flexible. It feels amazing! In this form it's ready to become anything!

  • the forming

    I use several different methods such as throwing on the wheel, rolling into a slab or extruding into a shape. Each method provides form/shape flexibility.

  • the trimming & embellishing

    Before the piece is completely dry, I remove clay from the formed piece, called trimimng. Next I add finishing touches to the shape: feet, handles, spouts and decorative enhancements.

  • the decorating

    The fun and magic continues as I customize the finishing clay effects. This allows for a depth and creativity that's built into each piece through varying techniques:

    - Slip is the process of painting a liquid, colored clay onto the surface

    - Sgraffitto is Italian for scratching into or away from the clay

    - Underglaze is a heavy pigmentented compound painted onto the surface

  • the drying & firing

  • the glazing

  • the glaze firing

  • the finishing